Consumer Demo & Removal Services is for demolishing and or removing any and all of the following: Abandoned Cars, Abandoned Trucks, Air Conditioners, Appliances, Barns, Boats, Billboards, Cargo Containers, Campers, Concrete, Debris Piles, Farm Implements, Fences, Furniture, Garages, Heavy Equipment, Houses, Junk Cars, Junk Trucks, MOBILE HOMES, Motor Homes, Office Buildings, Old Oilfield Pump Jacks, Old Oilfield Storage Tanks, RV Travel Trailers, Shops, Signs, Scrap Metal Removal, Stock Trailers, Storage Buildings, Tires, Tractors, Utility Trailers, and More. We clear, clean, demo, remove, and or haul away ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING needed to restore your property. What we have in bold is what Clients ask for the most. RED is number 1.

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CODE COMPLIANCE ISSUES take priority because the property owner generally has less than 10 days to comply or they will be fined. Cities, Counties, State, HOAs, POAs and the Federal Government, now have Code Compliance rules and regulations. These Codes regulate property conditions and builder building requirements. IN MOST CASES, investigation of code violations and enforcement action happens when a citizen reports a potential violation.

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